Financing Your Dream Home in Mexico

Financing Your Dream Home in Mexico

Buying your dream home has never been easier… Top Mexico is your trusted partner not only for finding the perfect property but also offering flexible financing options. If you are looking to get a mortgage loan from a financial institution, here are the terms and conditions you need to know about their services.


(Please note that the following is general information extracted from their terms & conditions, any particular cases or queries can be addressed to one of our expert buyer’s representatives)





Nationality: USA & Canadian

(Residency status for Mexico is NOT required.)

Min property value: $250,000 USD
Loan-to-value (LTV): 65%
Loan length: 5 to 25 years
Interest Rate: Fixed rate
Min Credit Score: 700


Property title with public registry information (Totally finished property)

Appraisal with valuation unit provided by intercam banco

Title report & insurance

Guarantee & restricted zone trusts Life and home insurance




Currency: USD$

Nationality: USA & Canadian

(Residency status for Mexico is NOT required.)

Min property value: $150,000 USD
Loan-to-value (LTV): 65%
Loan length: 1 to 30 years
Interest Rate: Between 8.99 - 11-9%
Min Credit Score: 650


Pre-construction properties can be financed (Subject to certain projects only)

No title insurance or life insurance Home insurance


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have doubts? No worries!
Check out our frequently asked questions to find answers to your queries:

  • What are the interest rates if I get a loan to buy a house in mexico?

The interest rates of mortgage financing in Mexico will totally depend on the source of capital. When it comes to financial institutions that give mortgage loans in Mexico, the interest rates can be around 9% to 10%. However, if what you’re planning is to get a property financed by a developper, you can expect interest rates to be from 5% to 10%. Finally, if your dream home offers seller’s financing you must know that , although negotiable, interest rates can be 4% to 8%.

  • How many years can I finance my property for?

One of the most popular queries we get is regarding time. When you are looking into getting a mortgage loan to buy a home in Mexico, the number of years will depend on the type of property and the financing option you choose. For developers financing it can go from 12 months up to 10 years. However, the period can be extended when you get a loan from financial institutions; starting at 12 months and up to 30 years. Lastly, with seller’s financing the financed period (as the majority of other terms) is negotiable and thus can be conveyed by both parties.

  • For what types of properties can I get a mortgage loan in Mexico?

You can finance any property of our listings: Condos, studios, villas, etc. However, you have to be aware of the price point as financial institutions require a minimum of $250,000 USD to approve your loan. With developers financing, properties are constantly changing, therefore we strongly recommend contacting one of our buyer’s representatives to get an updated list of the developments with financing.

  • Will financing real estate in Mexico put a lien on my property?

When getting a loan in Mexico to buy a house, you must take into consideration the following: Both of the financial institutions we work with, accept the property you are purchasing as collateral, providing you with added peace of mind. If you are purchasing a property financed by the developper, they will issue a retention of title clause until the property has been fully paid off. When it comes to seller’s financing, there is also a retention of title issued in which both the buyer and seller appear on the title, once paid off, the title is modified. It is important to mention that both parties are protected, as the terms appear on the document.

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