Finance Your Dream Home In Mexico


MoXi offers cross-border financing solutions for U.S. Citizens seeking to securely purchase residential property in Mexico


Moxi put together this beautiful e-brochure for your viewing pleasure - but I've included some highlights here.



  • MoXi currently provides mortgage loans to US Citizens seeking to finance real estate located in Mexico
  • Loans are originated and serviced in US Dollars; this is a powerful combination
  • Purchase rate mortgages
  • There are No Prepayment Penalties & No Balloon Payments

Loan Product Highlights:

  • 15, 20, & 25 year fixed rate, fully amortized mortgage terms
  • Maximum 65% Loan to Value (35% down required)
  • Minimum 700 Credit Score (US FICO Score)

Program & Pricing Highlights:

  • Minimum/Maximum Loan Size: $250,000 USD / $2,500,000 USD, respectively
  • For more info on fees, costs, and charges, see our comprehensive Mexico Real Estate 101 letter.
  • Interest rates are competitive. The rate your client will pay will be determined by their credit score, loan-to-value, and loan amount.
  • Mortgage interest is reported in the United States for potential tax deductibility (consult your CPA)

You'll be glad to know that MoXi is a fully licensed and accredited banking entity in Mexico and the United States. Transparency is a core operating principle at MoXi. We take the time to educate our clients on the entire loan process in Mexico, ensuring a feeling of comfort as we navigate the transaction together. Our mortgages are NOT exotic, but the Mexico homeownership experience should be: we do not cut corners, gloss over details, or otherwise compromise when it concerns the quality and the security of the international homeownership experience.


So what should the borrower expect?

  1. Scheduling a call to review any details is easy. 
  2. When they're ready to apply, we'll ask that the client complete the secure online application. Simply click the 'Apply Now' link in my email signature; completing the online application and submitting the one-time $150 USD Application Fee is quick, easy, and secure. I'm always available to answer any questions along the way.
  3. Once the submission is received, our team will pull a copy of their US Credit report and request that they upload a few needed income and asset documents via our secure online portal for review by our underwriting team.
  4. Once reviewed and approved, we'll report back to all with the loan approval details to include information on expected timelines and expectations in the future.





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